Colour makes all the difference in a room, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Exploring kitchen colour schemes allows you to envisage which shade, or combinations, might work in your space.

Your choice of colour palettes for kitchen ideas can completely change your perception of the space. It can make a room feel larger or smaller, warmer or colder, brighter or darker. Kitchen colour ideas also allow you to express your personality in a room in which you spend so much time.

Take into account the shape and style of your room before settling on a scheme. And, most importantly, how much natural light it gets – and what direction that light is coming from as you should for any interior DIY and decorating project.


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When choosing your kitchen colour schemes, you can’t go wrong by following colour theory. Complementary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel and will create a strong contrast with a vibrant feel, while colours that are near each other on the wheel will give your scheme a more relaxed vibe.

  • Colour drenching is one of the biggest paint trends in interiors right now. Use this as inspiration for your kitchen colour schemes, but keep it livable. The trick is to select a bold and bright shade and use on cabinetry and walls.


    To stop from going overboard, keep your splashback in a neutral tone. This will provide you will visual breathing space and prevent you from getting quickly tired of your bold choice.

“Colour in a kitchen doesn’t have to mean bright or loud all the time. You can achieve a lot by going for a muted tone. Any colour which hold a large amount of grey, like deep blues and greens, can be used as a neutral would.”– Neil Borton

With colours like this, you can have as much as you want in the space without it seeming too dramatic. For a contemporary spin, add in contrasting worksurfaces in the brightest of whites.

All to often, pastel colours are limited to bathrooms and bedrooms. Turn this on its head by taking it on as one of your kitchen colour ideas. Pink kitchen ideas work especially well with bronzes and brass, so you can add a lot of warmth with your hardware. To prevent the look from being too sickly sweet, choose a grey-tones pink. This will have a more grown-up feel.

  • Kitchen colour schemes can be used effectively to add interest to unexpected areas. Sections like baseboards of islands, backs of cupboards and the insides of drawers can be painted to match cabinetry. This adds cool impact without overwhelming or being too in your face.
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